Stress at work, relationship difficulties and burnout are common challenges for organizations world wide. Whilst some stress can be motivating and good for employees, when the stresses accumulate and are not addressed, the strains begin to show. Things can seem burdensome to deal with or even lead to burnout. The consequences can be increased absences, mistakes, interpersonal tensions & conflicts, and reduced work effectiveness.


Counselling at the individual level enables people to become more self aware and better able to manage personal and work problems more effectively.  In a work context, counselling can also help staff get more from their jobs. By increasing levels of well-being within the individual and team, this can contribute to increased productivity and success for your business.


The members of the Rome Institute are trained counsellors with backgrounds in psychotherapy and/or clinical psychology. All five have extensive knowledge & experience and are prepared to work at the individual and the group level. 


One special focus of our work is trauma aftercare which is not covered by most 'stress counsellors'. Having worked in emergencies ourselves helps us understand the wide scope of trauma risks and the necessity of a personalized approach. We all have various trainings in after-trauma care.


Clients who have been exposed to potentially traumatizing experiences can work with a counsellor on a one to one basis or as part of a small group in a focused way for an agreed upon number of sessions. We can also offer short and longer term support services via email and Skype to encourage healing. For staff in the field, we offer supportive counselling by email or Skype, and seek appropriate referrals if treatment is needed.


Please contact us to discuss  your requirements and find out more about how we can develop a programme to fit your needs.


It needs contact with others to get out of a deep crisis. It takes time - but it would be worse not to try - to stay alone. It has been my experience that contact can help to get out of an unhappy state.


Fanny Ardant, actress