How we work

The affiliates of the Rome Institute contribute different experiences, talents and cultural perspectives.


On average, we have worked for 15 years in counselling, coaching or training activities. We have served in UN, nonprofit, public and private sectors, often at managerial levels. We hold collective knowledge and work experience which we are able to share with our clients. 


We work at the individual and the group level. This means that we have clients who wish to work on their managerial skills, groups who want to improve their teamwork, and clients who may suffer from the effects of cumulative stress or may have been traumatized while working in emergencies, especially as humanitarian workers. 


We can contribute to helping teams in organisations work in more meaningful and effective ways, manage stress better and prevent burnout. 


As trainers we have worked with thousands of individuals, always focusing on inner change as well as the acquisition of skills. Most of us have worked in the humanitarian field, and we have come to realize how important meaning making and spirituality is for humanitarian workers.


With our expertise, organisations have found that work-related stress, team issues and psychological problems can be managed early, before they escalate into longer term problems, to help maintain well-being and good functioning for both the employee and the employer.





I endeavour to create a calm, personal, friendly, comfortable yet professional space for my clients, where trust is easily established, unburdening comes naturally and healing can start to take place, because they feel safe, understood and cared for.


Dr. Henriette de Vries