What we do

We offer a range of services including Counselling, Coaching, Training, Mediation and Mentoring.


Our Services in a nutshell

Our individual and group services have helped employees, managers and groups deal with work-related stress, organizational changes and psychological health problems to help maintain and enhance well-being and good work performance.


We can deliver our services to you at your workplace to minimise time away from the job or offsite if you prefer.  Our services include:

  • Coaching, mediation and stress & trauma counselling for individual employees and managers
  • Consultation to managers and Human Resource professionals in supporting staff during and after crises, downsizing, at pre-retirement, and for work related stress problems
  • Team consultation and coaching for improved work relations, effectiveness and management of stress
  • Personal financial management and career planning
  • Assistance with a rehabilitation and return-to-work plan, with counselling follow up, for employees who have been absent from work for problems of trauma, other mental health issues or addiction 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and find out more about how we can develop a programme to fit your needs.


I approach my clients with cultural humility, respect for their lived experience as we work together towards psychological growth and self-awareness. I provide emotional support and a nurturing space for self-reflection, healing, and self-empowerment.


Mathero Michelle Nkhalamba, Ph.D.