from The Rome Institute for International Counselling, Coaching and Training!


What can we do for you?

Working in partnership with the Office of Human Resources in UNDP, we are here to help you maintain professional and personal balance during and after your work with UNDP in the field.


The counsellors of the Rome Institute, Petra Miczaika, Jim Striker, Henriette De Vries, Ronit Atlan and Lindsey Anderson, are available to meet with you by video-conference or phone for:


  • Psychological Preparations and End of Assignment Debriefings
  • In-assignment Support & Stress Consultations
  • Counselling Screening and Support following Traumatic incidents
  • Counselling Support & Guidance in Situations of Sexual Harassment


This service is free of charge and confidential. We do not share any personal information with UNDP.


How can briefings benefit you and your colleagues?

Psychological Preparations: Before your departure to your new assignment, we discuss how you’re preparing, your expectations for yourself and your job, successful ways to manage stress and stay balanced in the high-pressured environment, and how to be effective interpersonally in the work situation. 


We then follow up with you 1 to 2 months into your field assignment to help you review how you are managing yourself and your work, and to help reinforce your self care strategies.


End of Assignment Debriefings: As you finish your assignment, we consult with you to help you reflect on your experiences, accomplishments, challenges and lessons learned - as well as to better manage your transition to home or your next work assignment.


How can counselling sessions help with the effects of potentially traumatizing incidents, including sexual harassment?


Getting a good assessment of the effects on you and of your reactions to the incident can identify the particular support and guidance you will need. We provide short-term interventions and follow-up, to help clients cope effectively and recuperate from these very stressful experiences. When needed, we may refer to outside trauma treatment experts.

In the case of sexual harassment, we also explore options with the client for further assistance and support within UNDP. We help clients consider what is in their best interests for any further follow-up. 


Why choose us?

We are a seasoned group of counsellors with diverse international and UN system experience. 


In our former positions as UN agency counsellors we looked after humanitarian staff in different agencies all over the world in both field and HQ locations.


We know what you are going through, and we are experts in dealing with stress, team dynamics, relationship issues, interpersonal communications, meaning and motivation, critical incidents and personal and work transition.



Always taking your individuality, cultural and professional diversity into account.



Your contact

Petra Miczaika

Mobile (DE): +49 172 4083355

E-mail: petra.miczaika@romeinstitute.org